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2008 - The Year of Good Decisions

Jeremiah 33:6 I will bring health and healing to you, I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.

"As a mental health therapist and spiritually oriented person it was very difficult for me to understand or cope with chronic illness. Prior to getting sick my attitude towards others who were suffering was "think yourself well" or change your diet. I lacked a frame of reference for just how painful and debilitating chronic illness can become. For the past two years I have suffered from many symptoms including brain fog, fatigue, food allergies, infection, and low thyroid. I was very hard on myself and made getting well a full time burden. Out of pure exhaustion I decided to surrender and pray for a miracle. A week later I spoke with Debra on the phone and immediately felt a sense of peace and well being. That was a month ago and as Debra recently told me "I am recovering in lightening speed!" My energy level has increased, food allergies have lessened, and the brain strain is gone. Thank you Debra for your continued support, encouragement, and dedication."
---Sincerely, B. Armstrong LV NV

Why is it that our society chooses to celebrate Christmas and the New Year by eating foods that destroy our body and diminish our feelings of health and wellness?

Let's join together in remembering our right to wellness.

Let's start again and make this the best year yet.

Let's make 2008 the year where we role model GOOD health and Good decisions.

In each decision we are closer to where we want to be or further away. Will I take action in this moment or will I drift back to the decisions that created yesterday?

Want some help on your new journey back to health? I'm here to assist. My passion is helping others return to wellness. Want to join us? If you are experiencing the symptoms of Candida: Chronic fatigue, foggy thinking, rashes, poor digestion, muscle aches, vaginal infections, bladder infections and headaches, call me. If you are experiencing symptoms of Parasites like: Anal itching, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel, receding gums, call me toll free at 1-888-448-3486. There is no obligation to buy anything. I'm here 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (Central Time) to help you discover healthy options for your consideration.

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