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2007 - Good-bye Symptoms - Hello Life!

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Every day I have the honor of participating in the healing taking place in the lives of clients all over America. Good news is flowing!... Come join us!

Brigid in Ohio
Age: 33

I'm experiencing extreme fatigue and lots of bowel trouble. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel. I've been going to a naturopathic doctor for months and nothing he is doing is helping. I've been to the medical doctors and gone through the testing and they have not helped. I lived in Europe for 10 months and think travel may be related to my current symptoms.

I am very happy with your program. I feel more energy and I make it through the whole day. The pain in my stomach is gone and my bowels are actually normal. I'm very pleased. More than that, I'm excited. This is definitely working. I can focus on my family now. I have a friend who has been going to the same man I was going to and not getting better. More of the same thing... is not the answer. I'm going to have her call you. You and I talked and then I waited to place the order. I'm so glad I called back and got started.

Matt in Missouri
Age: 45

I've had diarrhea for 10 years. My heart pounds. Brain Fog is definitely a problem. My fatigue is so extreme that I can barely function. I am living only because of my two year old daughter. She is my life. I have to heal for her. I am a Christian. I prayed for help and then I found your website. I feel that you can help me.

Report after 3 days: In just three days I am already feeling 75% better. I am doing great. My urine smells terrible and I know the toxins are flowing out of the body. That nervous feeling is going away and my stomach is settling down. I am feeling 75% better and it's not even been a week yet. I know that it's important to continue for the full time but I'm very happy to already feel so much better. 2007 is going to be a great year. 2007 is a great year for all of God's children. We are healing in every way.

Beth in PA
Age: 49

I'm experiencing the most horrible spasms of vaginal pain. The vagina feels so raw and irritated. I've tried every remedy known to man and woman that I can find. I've tried over the counter creams and pills. I've tried prescription drugs one after another suggested by doctors. Help!

What a relief. I have good news. The vaginal spasms decreased and then stopped. Thank God. I am very happy. I feel good all over. I'm Feeing a lot more energy and sleeping through the night. I am very pleased with the progress. Thank you for your help!

Paige in CO
Age: 14

My daughter does not act like a 14 year old. She complains every day that her head hurts. She is too nauseated to eat. She has no energy at all. She complains that her muscles ache. As an infant she was on a lot of antibiotics and I'm concerned. Also, we have taken vacations out of the country.

Paige is doing great. I'm pleased as punch that she is acting like a healthy energetic 14 year old again. Thank you for much for you help through all of this. We have our daughter back.

The 5 keys to healing:

  1. Pray to God
  2. Be still and listen to the guidance you receive.
  3. Take Action
  4. Follow through with the action until it is completed
  5. Give thanks for the healing.

The Dream of Health begins with prayer. Then we must sit still long enough and listen to what God is telling us. A large majority of the people who call tell me that they completed steps 1 and 2 before finding this website. Next, (this is critical) we must take action and continue to follow through with the action until the desired results are achieved. Yes, God can do an instant healing. It is, however, my experience, that God prefers to use PEOPLE to get the job done. So, an extremely large number of people that I talk to daily tell me that if they had prayed, without taking action, they would still be praying about the same things today. Instead, they took action until the goal was achieved.

If you are ready to take action, I'm ready to help you explore some healthy options to get you to the health goals your desire. If you are experiencing the symptoms of Candida: Chronic fatigue, rashes, poor digestion, muscle aches, vaginal infections, bladder infections and headaches, Call me. If you are experiencing symptoms of Parasites like: Anal itching, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel, receding gums, Call me at 1-888-448-3486. There is no obligation to buy anything. I'm here 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (Central Time) to help you discover healthy options for your consideration. My passion is helping you to heal because I just Love Good News !!!

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