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The average person in America spends approximately $300 or more on medical insurance in a month. For a family of four a common rate might be $800 to cover a family per month. That's $9,600.00 per year designated for health insurance. Sometimes it seems that people are willing to take lots of medications because, "Hey, I paid for it so I need to get my money's worth." If we really stop to think about what we are doing, we realize that we are allowing ourselves to carry chronic ailments because our medical insurance covers the prescriptions and "Hey, I want to get my money's worth."

The people who lived before us used medical insurance for emergencies only. They had lots of home remedies and just knew how to use herbs and foods to stay healthy. At that time, medical insurance was relatively cheap and available to many more people than today. In my opinion, it is our responsibility as Americans to heal up our chronic aches and pains and quit stressing the system of insurance. Too many of us stress the system and it becomes available to fewer and fewer people because the costs are skyrocketing. We can't just blame the doctors for their fees if we keep them so busy that they can hardly keep up with our ailments.

How do we stop stressing the system? Glad you asked...

First, we have to be willing to pay for items out of our own pocket like our ancestors did. They bought the tincture or herb that would make the symptoms fall away. They bought products that produced the desired result without side-effects that would have to be treated too. They didn't just walk around achy and fatigued because they had crops to grow and fields to harvest and who had time for that kind of chronic condition? Who was willing to fall into weakness even if someone else was paying for it?

Second, we need to learn what value means in food like our ancestors knew. If you asked your grandfather who had his own apple orchard if he wanted a super cheap basket of apples from the local grocery store, he would laugh at you and tell you that cheap stuff isn't worth the basket you're gonna' bring it to me in. First they pick it too soon. It won't be done becoming an apple and they'll rip it right out of the tree. Then, they'll gas it to make it turn another color. That will make it red but it won't shine like an apple because it isn't a full grown apple yet. Then they'll put wax all over it to fool you city people into thinking that it's a delicious red apple. Then they'll slash the price so you wouldn't think of buying anybody's real apples that cost a lot more to grow and nurture on the tree. Well, I'd call you a sucker at that point. They fooled you and you fell for it. Then you bite into that wax, gassed, ball they call a ripe apple and expect that an apple a day will keep the doctor away. Ha, jokes on you'll be calling a doctor before watch and see.

Let's get back to our roots. Buy insurance for use in an emergency. Pay for prevention by investing money daily in the products we put on our skin (our largest organ) and in our mouth to support our body parts and brain. Let's watch people who stress the healthcare system get well. Let's watch our healthcare insurance lower because we have not used it. Let's become a nation that has healed their foggy brain. Let's be a nation that has healed from Chronic Fatigue. Let's be a nation that reads and learns and is willing to use a little will power to eat the things we know are good for us and throw away the trash or send the junk food to our enemy.

Maria took Silver Water (to kill bacteria), Candida Drops (to kill Candida overgrowth she got from antibiotics), Water of Life (trace minerals to fuel her healing system ), Flora (to rebuild the good bacteria destroyed by medications she had taken) and she went from barely being able to get through the day to having a vibrant life and singing at both services in her church choir. The chronic fatigue fell away. The muscle aches and pain fell away too. Fibromyalgia isn't a life long condition.

Mark took Copper water and Parasite Drops (to kill parasites that were causing diarrhea) and now he is much better equipped to lead a productive happy life. Chronic Diarrhea is not a life long condition.

Becky's Inverse Psoriasis is healing from the Silver Water (to kill bacteria), Candida Drops (to kill Candida), Flora (to rebuild her natural flora), Copper and Parasite Drops (to kill parasites). Psoriasis is not a life long condition.

Let's salute these Americans who are taking responsibility for their health and no longer taxing the healthcare system. If you are healing naturally, we salute you. If you have started your research and are determined to heal, we salute you.

Let's each live the dream of health and build a stronger healthier nation. Dedicate some of your income to prevention each and every day. Your investment will double as you gain the strength to work. Call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Standard Time) to discuss healthy options that get results. There is no charge for my time and you are not obligated to buy anything.

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