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Antibiotics — What do they really kill?

In our world there are lies everywhere. We turn on the television and see commercials written by those who have a strong interest in you believing the lines delivered. Rarely, do we see any accurate reporting of what helps people heal and what does not.

When we see a miracle—a glimpse of hope that the truth may actually be surfacing—we like to applaud those who bring it to light. Today we applaud CNN for their report.

On Tuesday, February 17, 2004 CNN reported "Researchers found that women who took antibiotics for more than 500 days or who had more than 25 prescriptions in the course of a 17-year period more than doubled their risk of breast cancer compared with women who had not taken any antibiotics."

Doctor with chartPerhaps a few are waking up to the harm of antibiotics like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who are referenced in the same article, "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the overuse of antibiotics has exploded in the past 10 years, with the public mistakenly taking the medicine for colds, flu and coughs. These types of illnesses are caused by viruses and cannot be helped with antibiotics, which fight bacterial infections."

It's amazing that they blame the public for "mistakenly taking the medicine for colds, flu and coughs." Where do they think that "mistake" started? Who taught the public to take antibiotics for things it doesn't help?

"When I was little, my mother took us to the doctor for anything and everything. We had a round of antibiotics for every cold and flu. Now, I have chronic fatigue and my sister has chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Are the two related to antibiotics?"

"My doctor has given me several rounds of antibiotics but the yeast infection just keeps getting worse."

"My doctor has given me antibiotics for the fatigue. It feels like it just makes the situation worse. Now he just says I'm stressed and he gave me a prescription for depression medication. I don't think I'd be depressed if I felt better but he says there's nothing more he can do for me."

Any of this sound familiar?

Our clients are recovering from the symptoms of taking too many antibiotics. They're finally getting relief from yeast infections, chronic fatigue, muscle aches, diarrhea and poor memory. They report their good news every week.

Yesterday, I received a call from a new client. She has been on our program for only a week. In that time she has lost 7 pounds of bloating. Her brain is clearing and that foggy brain feeling is going away. She has suffered with Chronic Fatigue for over 15 years and was giddy and excited to report that she already feels a difference. That's just a glimpse of the good news we hear.

You can live the dream of health when you start reading the literature that comes with prescription medications and looking for healthy alternatives. It's time we realized that antibiotics are over-used, over-prescribed, and over-kill in far too many situations. If you haven't read the page on the website about Candida and Antibiotics read it now!

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