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How Do You Recognize "The Real Thing"?

The Real Thing Produces Real Results:

"The Stomach Pain and Heartburn are gone! I feel so much better since doing the Candida Protocol. I see real results with the Candida Drops, Silver Water, Flora Complete and Herbal tea. I felt a lot more energy too especially when we added the Water of Life. As a 53 year old teacher this program has been life changing. I can keep up with all of the kids again. These products worked for me."
—P. McCune in California

"Since I started the program life is different. That manic depression I was taking all of those medications for is going away. I've been on prescriptions for years. This program is producing some real results I've never seen before."
—A. Brooks in Mississippi

"My bowels are fine for the first time in years. I was suffering with a mix of constipation and diarrhea and I'm fine now. The Miracle Cleanse, Herbal Tea and Candida Drops are impressive. The rash on my face went away for the first time in 12 years. My face is actually clear. Thank you."
—L. Heyne in Indiana

A picture of a rose looks a lot like a rose. A company trying to sell rose photos may try to convince you that it's better than a live rose because you can keep it forever and it will always be a rose.

At this point you have to ask yourself a few questions:little_girl_smelling_flower_md_clr (37K)

We are asked to make choices between imitations or The Real Thing throughout our healing experience.

Companies around the globe will try to sell you the picture. They will show you good bacteria critical to the digestive system and call it high grade flora. They will put it in a bottle and put a label on it and tell you it's The Real Thing, but it's not - it's just like the picture of the rose. The quality has been compromised and the bottle of flora is no better than having a photograph of it. It doesn't have any of the critical properties that make it a potent flora that will help you. They've sold you the photograph and you thought you got a good deal because of the price. Actually you just bought the picture on the bottle - not The Real Thing.

When you eat a banana, you peel it first. You throw away the peel and the fruit under the peel is what I would call The Real Thing. Some people find that they can make money selling the peel to those who are not interested in selling The Real Thing. Then you go to the store and pick up a bottle that says, "Banana" on the label and nobody bothers to tell you that it's the part that most people would throw away. You don't know better so you buy the bottle of banana peel and wonder why it doesn't help you heal. Then you think all bananas are worthless because someone sold you an image, a picture on a bottle and not The Real Thing.

What's amazing to me is when some laboratory comes along and takes the image, the picture on the bottle, and does double blind studies and says this thing we call a banana is worthless. We've TESTED it. We should know. Then everyone who reads about the double blind study completed my "Harvard-James Medical We Only Like Drugs College" believes the test. The Real Thing sits on the shelves at other stores and the poor sick people are fooled again.

Don't be fooled again. If you're buying 60 capsules of "Brand X" for $4.95 and you normally see it for $38.95 THERE IS A REASON!. You probably just paid for a plastic bottle, a fancy label, the advertising that put it on the shelf and a $1.00 profit for the store that sells it to you. If you take it home and find you don't get any results, don't say all bananas are bad. Don't say, "Roses are flat and have no scent." Take a moment and realize you probably just bought a picture on a label, an image. The reality is you just bought some trash one company threw away and another company bought and labeled. The Real Thing is called a banana and the Peel in a Bottle is also called a banana. Don't be fooled. NOW you know better!

If you want to live the Dream of Health you must buy The Real Thing every time you buy a nutrient. Buy from people you can talk to. Buy from people who are getting results! In the Bible it says, "You will know them by their fruits." You will know a man of God by his calm and loving nature. In the world of nutrition and healing, you will know a good product by the healing fruits they produce.

Now is the time to reach out for The Real Thing. The Real Things are compassionate loving people who are willing to talk with you to help you obtain your God given right to health and wellness. The Real Things are products that get results. We even put some of our letters under the Testimonies tab of our web site so you know the fruits of our labors. Life is Real. Healing is Real. Now it's your turn to join those of us who have achieved The Real Healing. Call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Standard Time) to discuss healthy options that get results. There is no charge for my time and you are not obligated to buy anything.

*We have so many customers healing all of the time we need your help gathering all of the wonderful testimonies. If you have a few words you'd like to share, send your testimony to and write Testimony in the subject line.

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