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Do YOU Shop Price or Results?

In America today, we're working harder and buying smarter than we ever have before. Not so long ago, companies used metal card holders and file cards to track customer orders. If I told you that the collateral used on loans used to be tracked with file cards, you would think that was ancient news but it wasn't until 1986 that this critical data was computerized at the bank where I worked. That department got computerized because I was brave enough to read a manual and go to the fourth floor where the computers were for training.

So, why did the bank throw away that card filing system and computerize? It wasn't because it was the cheaper option! It was because it got us the results we wanted. The computer produced better results more quickly. The cost was worth the price when we looked at the end result. If we had stayed focused on the cost, we'd still be banking with file boxes. The personal computer user uses the same logic as the bank. The results are worth the cost.

When it comes to health care people seem to forget the simple logic they used to buy their computer. When it comes to health, many people think less about the results and more about the price. That's crazy, right? But we all do it to some degree. We can choose to eat a pesticide covered apple because it's cheaper than an organic apple and the consequences are not going to severely damage the following week. So, we pay a cheaper price for the apple and know that we are paying an additional price in damaged cells. We weigh the consequences and make a decision.

In my business it's very common to have callers who say,

"I found a cheap yeast kill product at my health food store. I took it for 5 days and ever since, I've felt really sick and I've missed four days of work. There's nobody to call. The girl that sold it to me is a minimum wage employee who is working her way through college and is of no help. Now, I'm really sick and I'm missing work. Can you help?"

wow_md_clr (6K)For a person who earns $12 per hour and works a 40 hour week of 8 hours per day, that product really cost $384 in wages lost. Now add the price that was spent on the product to get the total cost. It's enough to make your head spin!

For a person who earns $24 per hour and works a 40 hour week of 8 hours per day, that same product cost $768 in wages lost. Then, don't forget to add the actual price of the product.

"I'm so thankful that your products worked for me. I was desperate to get results quickly and get back to work! Thank you for taking the time and personal attention to let me know that you really care about me and my health goals. I learned some things the hard way but perhaps this will help others to avoid the same mistakes."

Clearly, cheap can cost you a lot more than the sticker price. When you decide to take action for your health, buy from someone you can call if you have questions. Don't just run out and buy the cheapest price tag on a store shelf.

The dream of health begins when you look at what you're purchasing. Does the company selling the product have someone you can call who is knowledgeable about the subject? Does the person you are buying from take an interest in your results? Does the program you are buying include a combination of products designed to keep you feeling good while you go through the process? When you're ready to get results call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Standard Time) . I'll teach you about healthy options that get results and keep you feeling good while you go through the process.

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