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"The Desire of Your Heart is the Key to Unlocking the Depression"heart_lock_md_clr (8K)

The majority of the people who contact me are on depression medications. They have many health problems. The doctors in most cases don't know what to do to help. Most of the time the people tell me,

"I went to my doctor and he said that depression was creating these symptoms so he put me on an anti-depressant. I don't feel any better physically and now I feel addicted to the anti-depressants. I mean, I'm afraid to go off of them or I'll be suicidal."

In my opinion, the doctors have missed the point completely. If the doctor himself had chronic fatigue, joint pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating, nausea, yeast infections and rashes, he/she would be depressed too. If you're reading this letter, you likely are closer to your healing than you realize so physical healing is not even my focus of this letter.

This letter is to help you out of your depression using "The Desires of Your Heart".

When you get back in touch with "The Desires of Your Heart," you will find that the depression often falls away. How do you do that?

You feel "The Desires of Your Heart" when you do something today that makes you say, "I was born to do this. It brings me so much pleasure to do this, I must have been born for this. I don't care if I ever get paid, I just have to do this!"

The Bible says that God gives us the desires of our heart. He plants a desire into our heart. This is our purpose. The desire may be a desire to express yourself creatively. I truly desire to write to you today. This is the desire of my heart. It is His creativity that flows through me and allows me to express through words. Sometimes I do ballet. This is my desire to express myself through dance. I can't express this like I did in my twenties but the desire is still there to dance and I do. I don't do ballet for money or even allow others to watch. I dance in my den, alone, and feel the pure pleasure of expressing myself as I interpret the music.

The Greatest Desire of my heart is to help people to heal. I think God planted this desire in me because I have sacrificed so much to be doing what I'm doing through this company. The joy I feel when a customer calls to say they are feeling better is beyond any joy I could ever get out of a vacation, a new car or even a new dress. Those things just don't matter to me. My joy is found when I hear a smile through the phone. When I truly know that a life has been changed, I experience a joy that can't even be described here.

My joy comes from comments like the following that I heard this week:

"I was so sick I had to drop out of college. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm going back to school. Thank you for giving my dream back to me."

"My illness took my wife, my children, my house, my credit and my hope. Thank you for first restoring my hope and praying with me and then guiding me to products to meet my needs."

"I've been a crack-head. I did drugs in the basement of a house and there was raw sewage down there. I have worms coming out of my body everywhere. My mom took me in when my boyfriend killed himself last week because the doctors said there was nothing that could help. Will you pray with us? I won't go there anymore. I won't do that anymore. I'm at home now and I want to live."

When God gives you the desires of your heart, it's a map to serving Him. Some days are hard. Some are filled with weeping for others and praying for others. At the end of the day, when you look back, there is always joy. The joy that is beyond human understanding. The joy that says, "I didn't know I could endure that. I didn't know I could make that much difference in a life. That must have been God because I couldn't have done that alone."

If you're depressed, turn the lights off and look deep inside yourself and find your purpose. There are people waiting for you to get it. Until you get it, there are people who are missing your art, your letters, your flowers, your smile, your joy, your talents. Get up. Get ready. Start living your life again before you die. Live it and show your children and neighbors how to live it. Live today because today people are waiting. Feel too sick to call someone and say, "I love you?" Do what you can and God will add to your strength.

The dream of health begins when we take action and do what we can. Then we just watch for signs that God is adding to our endevour. God never fails. If you are acting for His good, you can be assured that He will call up the troops and have an army at your side. Walk alone for a block and walk forever more with angels by your side. Find your dream. Find your smile and the symptoms will suddenly become a burden you can handle until they are gone.

And when you're ready to heal, call me... Because my greatest joy comes from helping people learn that healing is possible. This is what makes me smile. This is what touches my heart and confirms that I'm doing what I was made to do. Call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Time) . I'll teach you about healthy options that get results. There is no charge for my time and you are not obligated to buy anything.

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