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Get Off the Wheel of Instant Gratification and HEAL!

hamster running in wheel"I reset my priorities and the results are amazing. I actually got off of that Instant Gratification Wheel that our society defines for us. I started redefining my life and who I am. I did what it takes for just a month and already I've reached my goal and wonder what's really possible if I continue to do what I've learned. My diarrhea is gone. The muscle aches are gone. The foggy brain feeling is gone. My next vacation is going to be so much better because I feel like playing again. Thank you for helping me to reset my priorities!"

(The following dialogue is common during consultations so I thought I'd share this with you and perhaps it will help you to have more success in your healing.)

Do you want to heal? Is this your Goal?

How bad do you want to Heal?
I would do just about anything to get the muscle aches, diarrhea and infections to stop! My quality of life is really limited by the symptoms. I'm really not much fun to live with. I don't laugh and play like I used to.

In the past 12 months, how much have you spent on new clothing?
Well, my clothing was out of date and I needed a dress for the holidays and the styles have changed so much from last year that I just had to update my closet a bit. I don't know the cost. I'd have to add it up.

If you have to add it up, you've answered the question.

In the past 12 months, how much have you spent on vacations, weekend travel, movies, and other entertainment?
Well, I see at least two movies a month and often I take two or three people with me. A vacation is a must. I mean, that's what it takes to get me through. That's what makes all of the pain bearable.

If you would have answered any of these questions in a similar way, you're not alone. Most people respond in very similar ways because we are a product of what society teaches us.

Let's take a magnifying glass on the situation and blow it up a bit to see what's happening to the healing.

Lots of people spend money to get the instant gratification that clothes, movies and vacations provide. If we spend money now on those things we feel better today and plan to heal tomorrow. What's often overlooked is that through the process of instant gratification, we put off healing for another year because our funds are spent on the clothes, movies, vacations, etc.

Can we ever get to the healing when we're on the wheel of instant gratification?

We have to ask ourselves, "Why will next year be any different than this year?" What makes us think that if we can't make it a priority this year that we will be able to make it a priority next year?

Sometimes we say, well, when the symptoms get bad enough then I'll make some serious changes. I said that too. Then the symptoms got so bad so quickly that I almost couldn't keep up. Then I felt like I was running a race to do everything I could to help my body. My actions got pretty drastic because the symptoms got so bad so quickly. The vaginal infections were chronic. My colon wasn't working and the irritable bowel just kept getting worse.. I was so fatigued I could barely make it through the day. My brain was so foggy I couldn't follow a simple conversation. I had to write Everything down. I was a mess and it seemed to happen VERY quickly. One year following the doctor's advice seemed to make everything worse much more quickly than I could have imagined. What they were suggesting just wasn't working.

By the time I took action on my own, things were pretty severe. I got very determined to do what it takes to heal and to learn from those getting results. The initials behind the name no longer had any significance for me. I had tried that and it wasn't helping.

During the height of my illness I wore clothes that were out of date. I stopped going to movies. A vacation was a day at the park. I moved to a smaller place with a lower monthly cost. I left a high paying job and got two lower waged jobs so I could take time in the middle of each day (between jobs) to learn from those getting results and willing to teach me. I changed cities to be closer to those that I admired and wanted to learn from.

My priorities became: God/Praying, modest safe place to live, spend time with those who can teach me, leave the stressful career to make time for the teaching and learning necessary in the hours that were available, buy products and foods that heal, exercise, reading.

Determined? Yes,—you bet! Anyone who knew me could tell you what my goal was. Health—renewed health. My goals were clear from my actions.

Let's make a list of our daily, weekly and monthly activities. Then, let's make a list of weekly spending. Then hand the lists to someone else and let THEM state the goal as reflected by the activities and spending. What do our actions say about what's important?

Learn from my mistakes so... you never have to take such drastic measures for your health.

The dream of health begins when we GET OFF the Instant Gratification Wheel and start LIVING our priorities. When you're ready to focus on health call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Standard Time) . I'll teach you about healthy options that get results.

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