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Did You Bring Home Parasites from Your Vacation, Business Trip, or Missions Trip?

Airplane in flightAre you planning a romantic Honeymoon outside the good ol' USA?

Is your church planning a Missions Trip?

If so, PLEASE read this entire newsletter.

I could write an entire book on the subject and some year I will. Right now it just seems rather urgent to get the news to you as quickly as I can. Forward this e-mail to those planning a vacation, a honeymoon, or a missions trip. They'll thank you and appreciate the time you took to share what you know.

Let me tell you a story that comes up all of the time. The names change and the location of the vacation shifts around the globe but basically the story is usually the same. It goes like this...

Sandy called me to say that she and her husband took the kids on a dream vacation. The weather was picture perfect. The ocean was blue and clean. Everything was going fabulously well until they dropped by the fruit stand some locals had along the road. Everyone got out of the car and decided to munch on the gorgeous fresh fruit that looked like the cover of a magazine. Ah...this must be heaven. Where else could fruit look so fabulous. This is much better than shopping at the local grocery store back home, right?


A few bites were taken out of one piece of fruit and since one of the children couldn't finish it, Mom put it in a plastic bag to keep the juices from making a sticky mess in the rented vehicle. Hours later the family began their lesson on parasites. Hours later, when the bag with the sticky fruit was re-opened by accident, lots of little bugs were found running around inside the bag and could actually be seen now coming out of the fruit.

Most families who return home after an event similar to this find that at least one of the children or one parent begins to have diarrhea. Sometimes the infected person will have an extended loss of appetite. Often some nausea and fatigue is involved.

The following will help you to gain a better understanding of the Parasite Complex:

1st Scenario - Tourist who never heard of parasites goes on a trip.

"I went to Jamaica a year ago. While I was on the trip I noticed my stomach gurgling but didn't pay much attention. By the time I got home, I had loose stools. A few months later it continued and got worse. Then the diarrhea started so I bought that pink liquid that is supposed to stop it. It didn't. Then I bought some other stuff that is supposed to stop it and it worked - sort of. It made the diarrhea stop and then the vomiting started. It's like there is something inside of me that my body doesn't like. If I stop it from coming out one end, then it just starts coming out the other end. I went to my doctor and he gave me something to get rid of it. I used it for a couple of weeks. It's now a year later and I still have diarrhea and it's been going on so long now that I'm completely fatigued and the doctors have scoped and scanned me about all their willing to do. They can't come up with any reason for this to be happening so they gave me an anti-depressant."

2nd Scenario - Tourist who thinks he/she knows everything about parasites goes on a trip.

"I did my homework. I thought I had learned all about parasites before going to Mexico. I was the model health conscious tourist. I did not stop at any local fruit stands. I drank only bottled water. I ate only within the four star hotel. I've had diarrhea, headaches, fatigue and strange rashes ever since that trip but I never related it all to anything that happened on the trip. I thought it was all coincidence. Now, I've just learned that parasites can actually ride in the air and that we can get them even if we watch everything we eat and drink. For the last 8 years I've been dealing with symptoms of parasites and taking medications for each symptom and had no idea the symptoms were related to each other...or that the symptoms were related to that trip. I am completely amazed that all of the tests my doctors have put me through have come up with nothing. You were my last hope. You're the first person who has listened to my whole story and doesn't think I'm crazy. I can tell you've been through this because of the compassion you share and the time you have spent with me helping me to put all of the puzzle pieces together."

Some people ask, "Why don't the flight crews on the planes have any trouble, or do they experience the same things?"

3rd Scenario - Flight Attendants Experience the same thing.

"I'm a flight attendant. I travel outside the United States at least three times a week. Everyone I know in the flight attendant group has some kind of digestion or bowel trouble. It's so common we sometimes forget that it's not normal. The doctors don't seem to know what to do so I just learned to live with it. I'm amazed. In thirty days on your program, my diarrhea has stopped, the fatigue has stopped and the nausea is finally over."

Some people ask, "How do the people in these other countries live in that environment? How does their body adapt or does it?

4th Scenario - A look at the local culture.

"In my youth I lived in Malaysia. I attended college in the United States and stayed through Medical School training and decided to remain. While living in Malaysia people used sticks to pull the fecal matter out of the body because it would not come out clean or completely. My method was to wipe repeatedly. Since using your products, my bowel patterns have changed significantly. When I have a bowel movement the stool comes out completely without having to wipe repeatedly. I shared the products with my children as well. It's such a relief to be able to have a clean bowel movement without repeated wiping especially when you're low on toilet paper and have five children."

5th Scenario - Boss Pays for Parasite Treatment

"In my business, I can't afford to pay for time off. I'd rather pay for a parasite cleanse not covered by our insurance plan than to deal with paying all of that sick time. Thank you for helping my staff get back to work after the vacation."

6th Scenario - Employee Includes Cost Of Parasite Cleanse into the Vacation Budget

"If I don't work, I don't get paid. It's that simple. From now on, my vacation budget includes the price of a cleanse when I get home. To me, it's a priority that ranks up there with getting the plane ticket."

The Dream of Health is available even if you like to travel. Buying a plane ticket should be followed with learning about parasites and knowing what to do if you begin to experience the symptoms. The quicker you deal with the symptoms the easier and quicker the process. Your doctor may be experiencing parasite symptoms too so make sure the one you're getting advice from has healthy bowels. If you're interested in learning more from my personal experience with all of this call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Standard Time) to discuss healthy options that get results. There is no charge for my time and you are not obligated to buy anything.

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