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Debra Simon
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Dream of Health!

The Path to Healing is a Path to Real Treasures!

"Thank you for the newsletters page of your website! I think I read every one! Before I met you I was filled with a lot of negative self talk. I just couldn't imagine that my body would heal the way it has. After reading other people's stories I began to have hope again and that's really when I decided to get started. I'm so glad I did - My energy is up and the bladder and yeast infections are gone. The joint pain is gone too."

"I've started to see yeast coming out of my body and I've just started the program. Thank you for listening to me while I complained about all the things that didn't work before I called you."

"As a student on a really tight budget, I greatly appreciate that the products really work. My life is at a fast pace with work and school and trying to study. Thank God the fatigue is so much less and my foggy brain is going away! School is getting easier as I'm starting to remember things better."

If someone asked you to make a list of your most valuable posessions, what would you list? Take a moment to make a short mental list before reading on.

Some common items our world teaches us to list might include:

chest_of_gold_opening_md_clr (47K)Now, let's imagine for a minute that we are making a list of valuable things that we will be able to take with us when we die. Imagine that we have a beautiful holder for oil. In this holder we receive one drop of oil every time we help someone. Every time we touch another human being with kindness, we receive another drop of oil. The oil represents the treasures we take with us. These are treasures no man or woman can steal or deprive us of. We gaze into our storage of oil and see if it registers high or low. We can increase our oil but no person can do it for us.

Now, as we measure the oil, let's list the treasures we currently have.

Sometimes when we are sick, we can view it as a fabulous opportunity. We become more compassionate with those who are sick. We become better able to serve others because we understand what they are going through. We begin to say things like, "I know what you are feeling now and I'm here to help you, pray with you and encourage you." Sometimes we can use our own suffering as a learning tool to love others at a deeper level. We begin to look at strangers and see that they're not really strangers at all. Perhaps this leads to lots of oil and treasures of a more lasting kind.

Each day, let us each strive for treasures of a more lasting kind. The Dream of Health begins today. When you call, I'll share some information about products that have worked for me and others who have lived with chronic fatigue, diarrhea, vaginal yeast infections, foggy brain, rashes, itching eyes and ears, anal itching, depression and irritable bowel. Call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Standard Time). I'll teach you about healthy options that get results because you're ready to heal !

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