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"I used colon cleansers for 2 years before finding your products and help. I then tried all kinds of prescription drugs. I was at the end of my rope. Everything is back to normal. I had almost forgotten what normal felt like but it's wonderful. All of the problems just ended like (snapped his fingers) that. (note: order placed April 27 and testimony received May 22nd) I'm very pleased."
---Bruce in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"The vaginal infections finally went away. The itching went away. The burning went away. No more creams. No more prescription drugs. I'm happy."

"You are an answer to prayers. Finally, someone who cares about people. I'm so impressed that you took my call. I was a total stranger and you prayed with me. The products have helped me turn my health around, but I have to tell you that what impressed me most is that you really care."
--- Ann in Vermont

"I'm an adult student with a family. School, mothering, working, and sick...I needed help! I just got my report card and I made the Dean's list! That's a first EVER! These products brought brain clairity. I found out I'm a good student. Thank you!"
---Kelly R in Indiana

"Oh my - I'm feeling so much better. More energy. Bowels correcting. God Bless!"

"Thank you. I have lots more energy. My children and wife need a father and husband who can support the family. I really needed your help and you came through for us. Your program is the only one that has helped me and I've tried many others, many. I tell all of my clients to call you because when you have good news you just want to share it."
----Shawn in California.

Father's Day - What does this mean to you?

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When I first asked Jesus Christ to come into my life some strange things began to happen. One of the stranger things that later made perfect sense follows:

I woke up, turned on the radio and heard spots about the father we are born to compared to another father. I turned it off.

Next day: I woke up, showered, got ready for the day and turned on the radio and heard a man speaking about our Heavenly Father and daddy. Click. I didn't want to hear that.

Next day: Yep, you guessed it. While going through my morning routine, I turned on the radio and heard a man speaking about our Heavenly Father compared to our earthly father. I decided that either this was some "Groundhog Day Joke" God was playing on me or there was a message here that I was supposed to be getting but wasn't.

So, I decided to listen. I stopped everything and paid close attention to what was being said. Here's what I understood for the first time in my life...

He explained that our earthly father may be short tempered or even tempered, lacking in compassion or very compassionate, very good communicator or very poor communicator. Our earthly father may be loving or he may be abusive. The important thing to remember is that our earthly father is human with human faults. If we make a list of the qualities we see in our earthly father, and then make a list of the qualities that we believe to be true about our heavenly Father, they may be very similar in our mind- especially if we are new in our walk with God.

For me this was a revelation. Just months into my walk with God and I could see that yes, I was afraid of my Heavenly Father just as I had been afraid of my earthly father.

Over the 12 years since that day I have discovered that God is loving beyond my imagination's ability to grasp the word love. I discovered that everything God creates is good, and just as it should be. In fact, we are created by the One who is amazing, awesome, awe inspiring, magnificent, all loving, all good.

I stopped thinking about being 50% of my father, and started seeing that I am 100% my Heavenly Father's creation. In that moment I began to feel worthy of love, worthy of healing, worthy of laughter, worthy of Joy, worthy of abundance, worthy of happiness, worthy of imagination, worthy of life....worthy of Life. This was huge for me. I began to feel that my life had purpose because One so amazing breathed life into me.

Over the years my relationship with my earthly father went through a variety of speed bumps and I give thanks that he is still alive and I lived to see the day where I truly feel love and compassion and gratitude for him. I see the best of the best in him and give thanks. Now in his 70's he is still adorable and proudly shows his dashing photos from today and yesterdays. Today I enjoy thoughts of my father's laugh, his love of ice-cream, his love of theater, his commitment to his word and even hearing his voice is a comfort. He always manages to find a camera and sends me lots of photos with friends and events. Today he loves fully and abundantly and is an inspiration to all who know him.

This Father's Day...Let's Celebrate Fathers !

The Dream of Health is available to all of God's children. Seek and ye shall find. Life is a buffet and we must be willing to walk up to the banquet table to receive. Ask and ye shall receive. Tomorrow can be better than today if we feel worthy and take action. If you're ready to do anything at all - even if it's just to talk about what's possible, I'm here. When you call, I'll share some information about products that have worked for me and others who have lived with symptoms of Candida: chronic fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, foggy thinking, infections or Parasites: Bowel trouble, anal itching, nausea, IBS and more. Call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Time) to discuss healthy options that get results. There is no charge for my time and you are not obligated to buy anything. Stop procrastinating - call today ! Put this on your calendar as an important thing to do because if you don't call - who will do it for you?

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