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Diarrhea, Blood and Mucus Gone in 23 days

I'm 51 years young, and for the last 27 years, I have taught vigorous exercise classes. My health has been really good, and until about 12 months ago, losing weight was always easy enough. Coincidentally, about a year ago, I also began having very abnormal bowel movements. This concerned me deeply, as the symptoms got increasingly worse. In my quest to privately find an answer (I was too afraid to mention my problems to anyone else), I found my symptoms to mirror that of one with colon cancer. My stool was filled with blood and mucus, and explosive diarrhea was a part of everyday life.

However, I did not have time (or money) to deal with colon cancer and/or all the testing that would lead to such a discovery. I tearfully asked God to help me find an answer. HE led me to search on the internet and consider the problem could possibly be parasites. After all, I'd celebrated my 50th birthday on a cruise in the Caribbean....I could have "picked up" a number of things with stopping at 5 different ports.

Long story short, I found Debra Simon's web site and telephoned her. Debra was not surprised by my symptoms, and suggested I try the detoxifying products for 30 days. That sounded OK, especially since I'd had the problems for a full year and getting worse every day.

Here I am, 23 days into the detoxifying regimen, and I AM JUBILANT!!!!! My symptoms have all but totally disappeared. I'm feeling wonderful, full of energy, and have even lost a few pounds without much effort at all. What a relief. TWO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS: 1) Our Lord DOES answer prayer; and 2) this regimen really does work well.

Debra, thank you so much for your kind help. In 3 short weeks, this has made a huge difference for me. May our Lord bless you and hold you close all the days of your life.

--- Kathleen Williams

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