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Testing - What did I learn about Parasites and Candida through the Testing?

"I've been to my doctor and he says I don't have parasites but he doesn't have a clue why I have irritable bowel and feel so fatigued. He looks at me like I've lost my mind when I begin mentioning the word parasites. He says they don't exist in America."

"My doctor told me I have irritable bowel. He gave me prescription drugs to manage the symptoms. Now my digestion is worse and my bowels feel no better and the fatigue is ruining my life. Can the drugs they gave for Parasites kill my GOOD bacteria? I feel like now I have Candida too?"

"I've read that 100 years ago, when my grandmother was a young girl, that everybody took something to get rid of worms once or twice a year - EVERY year. Why don't we do that any more? - Would this help me?"

"I went to my doctor years ago. He said I had parasites because my pet had parasites. He gave me some pills that lasted a few days so I thought that's all I needed to do. Now that I think back, I've had irritable bowel and fatigue ever since that period of my life. Is it possible that what he gave me didn't get rid of the problems?

"I drank well water years ago? Could that be related to how I'm feeling now?"

Those are just a few comments that I hear every day - over and over and over again. If you've thought any of these questions - you are DEFINITELY NOT alone.

Let me tell you my story because I think it will help you. MANY have already read or heard my story and have encouraged me to share it again. I'm willing to share this with you because I believe that just sharing my story has helped thousands of people who have gone down the road that I went down with my health. If I can keep you from going down the slippery slope of ill health, then my mission for living has been accomplished. Too often we start with a simple problem, parasites. Then we are told what to do by people who don't know what's wrong. Then we wind up with a combination of both Parasites and Candida.

Here's my story...

As a young newly married woman I felt the world was glorious in every way. The question was asked, "Will you take this woman in sickness and in health?" and he said, "I do!"

My husband was confident that sickness would not strike our house and if it didProfessor of anatomy - he would know what to do.

As a medical doctor he had spent four years in undergraduate training, four years in medical school, two years in Obstetrics and Gynecology residency and followed that with two more years in an Internal Medicine residency. Any person with that many years invested in a medical education should be able to heal the world or at least know someone who can help. Right? Hmmm....

In the beginning years, the signs of parasites didn't even get my attention. I had no idea that anal itching or receding gums were related to parasites. Years later the bowel troubles began. Then they put me in the hospital for testing. They tested my urine, and my fecal matter and my blood. They had me drink a toxic liquid shake so they could x-ray my organs. Then they did the flex-sig.

When the testing was done each time - I was given no options for getting better and the testing in some cases made the situation a bit more complicated. You can't just throw a toxic liquid shake down your throat and expect it all to come out in the coming hours or months. I asked, "Will this stuff come out if I drink it?" They responded, "Of course!" (That's another chapter for another day!)

They gave names to my symptoms but I really didn't care what they named the symptoms. I just wanted some answers about how to get rid of them. The only answers I was given came in the form of pills and creams to try and "manage" the symptoms. I was even given a brochure that explained how they remove the colon when the damage is too great. "OH MY G-D! I cried and cried holding the brochure in one hand and the prescription drugs in the other. I felt so alone - Where was GOD? Why was this happening to me?!?!?

As the years went by I felt that my body was falling apart. The drugs quit giving me any relief. Things were not getting better. My bowels continued to get worse. The fatigue continued to get worse. My brain started to get foggy and I really couldn't follow a conversation.

As I look back now I can see that I started out with parasites. Then I was given prescription drugs to manage the symptoms. Those drugs killed off the beneficial flora in my body and EVERYTHING got worse after that.

Now.... I not only had parasites but I had Candida Yeast too... but didn't know or understand how the two were related. My symptoms of Candida included the foggy brain, bladder infections, yeast infections, and more fatigue. After some time, I couldn't feel the bottoms of my feet. I was a mess. I felt like I was 140 years old but my birth certificate said I wasn't even 30. I wanted to die. I prayed, "Dear God - teach me to heal my body. You created me so you know what I need. I don't have a clue and my doctors don't have a clue and they keep giving me drugs."

(At this point you may be saying, "My symptoms aren't to that point." Precisely - that's why I'm writing... so that you never have to experience what I went through! The earlier you take action the simpler healing becomes)

Shortly after that prayer - I connected with an old wise doctor who learned about healing before prescription drugs were king. He was in his 90's. Before he died he taught me things that saved my life. He explained that a parasite cleanse was once considered as common sense as brushing your teeth. A parasite cleanse is good prevention against disease. People didn't get TESTED before cleansing for parasites - just like you wouldn't TEST to see if you should brush your teeth. BUT those were the days when people did cleanses with natural herbs that would not hurt you. That's the key - in those days they didn't use harmful drugs with side-effects that you wanted to avoid at all cost. They used natural herbs that were good for the body systems so doing a cleanse was natural, safe and effective.

Yes, that's why I'm here now offering natural herbs that are safe and effective for those who have parasites and for those who just want to do some prevention. Have hope my friend. The body does heal!! The colon will return to health. The symptoms of Parasites and Candida DO fall away as we remove the causes of the symptoms.

Let's be patient and incorporate the wisdom of our great-grandparents. In this age of technology, we must return to our "roots" to regain health. Follow me and live your life as you never dreamed was possible again. Soon you will play like the children filled with life and health. Use my story and share it with others who are in need of hope and healing.

If you are interested in trying some natural products that are safe, effective and natural - call me at 888-448-3486. When you call, I'll share some information about products that have worked for me and others who have lived with chronic fatigue, diarrhea, anal itching, irritable bowel, depression, foggy brain, rashes, itching eyes and ears and poor digestion. Call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Time). I'll teach you about healthy options that get results because a Parasite Cleanse or a Candida Cleanse can be as natural as brushing your teeth!

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