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Bowel Problems ? - Relief at last !

Yes, this has been a busy summer. We're not only helping people recover from their vacations out of the country, we're also addressing parasites and bacteria right here at home. I thought I'd share some comments from conversations because so many people in America are asking about water related bowel problems that their doctors just seem to be ignoring.

boy drinking water"I received a letter telling me that my city water was not safe for the elderly to drink or for infants. We haven't had a storm through here for some time but for some reason the water is not safe. It really does make sense that if it is not safe for my mother and my son, then it really isn't safe for me either. I understand that our city leaders do not want to panic whole cities who are unable to provide clean water to the population but I'm grateful that the Lord has opened my eyes that I must protect myself and my family and stop relying so much on city government to do the Lord's work. Thank you for the knowledge you share. It seems so basic and logical, I just never thought of this. We have begun to drink bottled water and are thrilled that your program is calming the family bowels and bringing peace to our home again. I just want to tell people that if what you are doing isn't working, you may want to give Debra a call. The cost for all of her help and products was less than I've spent for all of the things that didn't work. She didn't charge me anything for the two phone consultations and I spent around $280 for products and my whole world has changed. I would have paid a lot more if I knew then what I know now."
Informed in Texas

"I've had irritable bowel ever since that hurricane that blew through here. I DO remember the paper telling us to boil our water before drinking it but I never even thought about the water I drank before I got the boil alert news. My doctors told me that my bowel trouble was probably brought on by the stress of the storm. They always want to blame my health challenges on stress. My ancestors were stressed but their health was better than mine. Besides, I didn't feel stressed. I just felt sick.

"Well, now that I've used the Parasite Drops, the Silver Water, the Herbal Tea, and the Water of Life, I can say that I am finally recovering from storm damage. It's kind of crazy... We worry about our property during a storm but we just aren't educated about how to take care of our body. Thank you for teaching those of us in storm damaged cities that bowel problems can happen to us but THERE IS LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. There IS power in knowledge."
Yours Truly,
Your Florida Friend

"Tell people what you told me. It's so obvious and yet I never thought of this. If I'm sitting in a bathtub absorbing this nasty water, it's worse than drinking it. I'm like a great big sponge gathering pollutants from the bathtub. The parasite cleanse cleaned up my symptoms. The bowel troubles are healing and I'm showering with a new filter on my shower head. Thank you for the education you provide. You are doing the Lord's work. I hope my note helps my other sister's in Christ. The fact that your products are natural and liquids instead of all those nasty pills that weren't working was really important to me but most important is that they worked for me."

If you are experiencing symptoms of parasites like loose stool, anal itching, receding gums or indigestion - I can help. Too often these symptoms of parasites are treated with prescription drugs which in my opinion create another problem we call Candida. Some signs of Candida are Chronic Fatigue, foggy brain, itching ears, or rashes - I can help that too. Let's talk about some natural products that are safe, effective and natural - call me at 888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 to 6:00 Time). I'll teach you about healthy options that get results.

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