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The Lego Complex


Look at yourself in the mirror? What do you see? Standing before you is an individual with one body. All of the parts are connected. When you walk out of the room, all of the parts go together. All parts of the body are linked. Each part must rely on the other parts for survival.

Notice that your arm can't walk out the door without the rest of the body because it's attached. God attached it because He knows how the entire system is designed to work together. Each part of the body has a critical function to perform. Each part must be successful for all of the other parts to run smoothly. If we cut out a part of this system, all of the parts that rely on its function will begin to weaken.

This all seems so amazingly obvious that you may wonder why in the world I would write such obvious things. We know these things are true; yet, we act like we don't know any of this. We act like our leg can spend the holiday in California while our heart goes to Detroit. We act like body parts can be cut out and thrown away with little to no consequence.

We take our leg to a leg specialist. We take our heart to a heart specialist. We take our bowels to a bowel specialist. People take out parts of the colon or the entire colon like they were taking out the trash. It's become so common. Let's consider the value of looking at the whole body as one machine run by important parts that function together. Let's start thinking about how to bring the failing parts back to life instead of cutting them up or cutting them out or medicating them until they can't do their job.

If someone tells me they want to cut out a body part through surgery because I don't really need it, I have to respond and say, "If God didn't think I needed it, He probably wouldn't have given it to me. Perhaps, there is something we don't know."

The saddest quote I hear weekly: "My doctor told me that if he took out ______organ/part that I would fully recover. Now I still have the same problem and am taking medications for the rest of my life to try to compensate for the missing parts. Will you help me? I've done everything they told me to do and now I feel that I'm a lot worse off than before I started."

The foundation of your house just looks like a lot of wasted cement if you don't know it has a purpose in keeping the house stable. Once you remove it, you get a crash course in what it was good for.

Our more fortunate clients are getting good results by respecting the wisdom that created the body and doing everything possible to bring ailing parts back to life.


Phone Report: H. Richardson in Oregon:

When this client called for the first time she was experiencing severe Bloating, Stomach Cramping, Constipation, Headaches, Fatigue and Ear Problems.

In less than two weeks of being on the suggested protocol, she called yesterday in amazement. She had no more burning in her stomach and above her stomach. Her skin was already clearing and the bloating was gone. For the past 3 days she had been watching worms 1/2 inch in diameter and 4 inches long coming out her rectum during bowel movements. She was happy to report they were dead. She was amazed that they had been in her body and she never knew it. As alarming as it was to see them, she was grateful to not have the symptoms they produce and glad to be getting them out of her body. She was referred by someone she knew who had also used our products with success. She is quickly learning that you can have Candida and Parasites for years and not even know the source of the problems.


Dear Debra:
Thanks for the pep-talk and additional information about the Candida diet you sent to me after my "plea for help" message. I have cleaned up my diet and am feeling better. It has been a struggle to give up more foods but my attitude is improving, my brain is beginning to clear (praise God!), I can breathe out of both sides of my nose (for the first time in my life)...
...Thanks for your support--it means the world to me!
Susan—Decatur, IL

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