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Many people in our society begin learning through pain. The parents may teach through pain in the early years of life. The child runs instead of walking so the parent gives a spanking that is both physically and emotionally painful. The result is that the child fears the results of running and so begins walking.

Sometimes we miss the point and begin to think that pain is the natural result of actions we enjoy and begin to live in pain or define life as painful. Then we for some reason become drawn to the very things that hurt us. We adopt habits with painful consequences and think that it's a natural part of life. The painful relationship, the dead-end job, the poor eating habits are all part of the consequences of this way of thinking. We don't get spanked anymore so we start spanking ourselves and believing that we deserve the results. We start clustering with others who are experiencing the same which confirms in our mind that everyone is in pain so this must be reality. Illness seems like a natural part of life. Discomfort seems normal.


Hundreds of people call each month. They ask good questions and then forget to listen to the answers or maybe they just are not able to hear the answers. Something blocks their hearing. They say, "I just want one quick pill and I want to keep eating whatever I want. To think of making any changes in my life is just not a consideration." These people hang up frustrated and angry because we won't lie to them. And we won't buy into the lies they tell themselves. We know that when they are ready to hear some solutions they can call again. In their hearts they know that there is a company that wants health for them more than anything else. Yes, we could sell the "one pill will cure you" program but we would rather wait for the weary to wake up. Once they learn enough, or suffer enough, they begin to listen. (After the individual prays, the whole process seems to speed up.)


Once a person begins to review their life experience, they begin to see a pattern. They see that they have taken the same actions over and over and expected different results. They begin to see that the same actions taken today, tomorrow, or three months from now - all produce the same results. They begin to see that their patterns of action have not produced the desired results. Once this is realized, new patterns can develop. This is when real healing takes place. This is when people are ready to listen to suggestions from people who are getting results.

Dear Debra,
I just wanted to thank you for all your patience, guidance, and knowledge shared with me. Here is my testimonial that you can share with others:
Due to chronic urinary tract infections, I was taking antibiotics on a daily basis for over ten years. (even before the urinary problem, I had a serious car accident that required heavy duty antibiotic use) All those pills prescribed by doctors ate away my good bacteria to the point where I suffered from chronic yeast infections. I used over the counter medications which seemed to work in the beginning, but after years of antibiotics the creams failed to help at all. Then I was given scripts of Diflucan which seemed to help for awhile, but the yeast infections just came right back. I was depressed over it because there didn't seem to be an answer to my problems. Before I read Debra's testimonial on the net, I was convinced that I had no choice but to take the antibiotics (to prevent the u.t.i.'s). I was doubtful when she said that the Silver Water and the Flora Capsules would rid the body of yeast infections, but would also rid the body of the urinary tract infections. To my amazement, with the proper diet, IT REALLY WORKED!!!! I'm a skeptic and Debra was great with answering all my questions and concerns. She sincerely wanted to help me and did! These products have turned my life around and they come strongly recommended. Thanks again Debra! L. Sachs

More Testimonies:

"I feel as if I have been raised from the dead."

"The yeast is absolutely just pouring out of her."

"I tried it out of complete desperation and it worked."

"For the past 3 days she had been watching worms 1/2 inch in diameter and 4 inches long coming out her rectum during bowel movements."

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