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Incurable is a Label Created by One Who Failed at the Attempt to Heal

A miracle is an impossible thing that happens anyway. There is no sign that arrives with any situation that labels it "Impossible". So then let's explore to determine in our minds one question, "Who is the first person who generates the idea that some event is impossible and would take a miracle to get the desired results?" Let's ponder how this logic gets so lodged into our every day life.

It really makes no difference if it is the first person or the 1,000th person who failed at the attempt. At some point some individual declares, "This is impossible or this is incurable". In my mind, he or she is just another person who failed at the attempt. Our society, however, says if enough people say it, then it must be true. Incurable is a label created by one who failed at the attempt. Don't make this person your leader.

Just because one person says it's incurable or many hundreds of people say it's incurable, it does not mean that the statement is true. In our culture we often believe a group of people who have initials behind their name just because people with initials behind their name are assumed to know everything about everything. They don't and will tell you they don't when you ask them and are usually relieved to know they don't have to be perfect for you. A lot of people have just enough years in their life to become an expert in one or two areas but would never consider the task of being an expert in every area. In areas where they are not the expert, they learn from reading. By the time we hear the "news" it is not from the man/woman who first researched it so we can't ask the key question "How many ways did you attempt to accomplish the task?"

Those who fail at an attempt are the ones who say it is not possible. They might even say that it would take a miracle to accomplish the task. Those who succeed at an attempt usually say that it took lots of failed attempts before they had success. Sometimes the "Impossible" sign is created in our own head and we just assume that we have come to a correct conclusion. Sometimes a doctor or a friend can label a situation as "impossible" to heal and we believe it. As soon as we believe it, then it becomes true for us. Well meaning friends and doctors can hinder our progress if we allow their beliefs to hold us back.

When I believed my doctors who said, "It is impossible for your colon to heal" I was doomed to fail. At that point I gave up trying because they said it was impossible. I took their word as truth and began the medications they prescribed. At the age of 31, I felt like I was dying and on some days welcomed the idea of death. Months later, when I determined that I would find a solution, everything became possible again and this is when I got on the road to health. This is when I stopped believing the words of those who had failed to find a cure. This is when I stopped allowing their reality to become my reality. The miracle was that I stopped believing what people told me. The miracle was in my head first and in my body second.

Who is in charge of determining the success or failure rate of your health? I hope that you will promote yourself to that position, Chief Executive Officer of your health, and not allow friends or doctors to determine what is possible for you. Scott in Missouri kept searching for an answer and didn't give up. He tried some things that didn't work but he didn't allow failed attempts to defeat him or define his situation. He kept searching and believing in his success.

The first day Scott called he was a bit skeptical. In less than a month he sent the following letter and offered it to us as a testimonial to be published. Scott is the Chief Executive Officer for his health and he is now reaping the rewards of his perseverance.

"My history of allergies go way back (25 years) , and I have had IBS, and stomach problems for about 5 years. Along with the heartburn, and other woes that go with it. I have had a list of other symptoms a mile long, although I thought I had explanations for them. One thing that turned my head is that every symptom I have ever had is a known symptom of candidias.

The improvement is pretty impressive. I have less cramping, my allergies feel better, and most of my symptoms show good signs. I am going to stick with it, as it shows to have the most promise for what has plagued me for so long.

Thanks Debra, take care..."

We can all live the dream of health by becoming familiar with the daily "miracles" that our body displays. Do you make your heart beat? No, of course not. You don't control that or the millions of events that happen in your body in just one minute alone. How does that all happen then? In a heart surgery the doctor transplants a heart but he can't make the heart start beating. How does that happen then? He shocks it - but if you shock a brick it won't start beating. We have been given the gift of life that the brick was not given. This is a miracle.

The man who labels something as incurable is just another who has failed at the attempt to heal. Don't make this person your leader. It's time to claim your healing. Call me at 1-888-448-3486. There is no obligation to buy anything. I'm here 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (Central Standard Time) to help you discover healthy options for your consideration.

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