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In today's information society, many people feel like they are the expert on every subject. Some think if they can jump on the internet or watch a documentary on a subject, that they have now accessed the scope of knowledge on the subject. Most fail to recognize that some of these self made prophets are propelling false information. Just because someone read it or heard someone say it, does not mean that the advice that follows is valid. Consider the source from which you are receiving your decision making data. Empower yourself to make good decisions for your health. Empower yourself to seek out good advice and weed out the rest. Start by asking yourself questions.

If you want to know how to build a house, would you call a wrecking company?

Can you learn relationship skills from a recluse?

Can a doctor who is sipping on coffee with circles under his eyes teach you about wellness?

Can someone with a bloated stomach, too much weight, and fatigue give good advice about constipation?

Before you take advice, take time to evaluate whose advice would have value! Advice is free and freely given by those who

...have never reached your goal,
...never taken the steps they preach,
...and never had the success you seek.

In my life, those who have helped me heal are the ones who have had the problem I currently have.

They have taken the steps that they suggest.

They have already reached the health goal I seek.

They are available for questions and assure me that all questions have value.

If you want to know the value of your doctor's advice, arrive an hour early and talk with the people in the waiting room. Count the number of people who are happy with the results they are getting. I have personally done this which can raise a lot of questions. At the opportunity to speak with the doctor, I said, "I have a few questions that are important for me to get answers to before I proceed." I was not satisfied with his answers and promptly paid my bill and left. I was happy to exit and left no reason for that office to have any contact with me again.

Remember, you are the customer and you don't have to buy what's being offered. Sometimes buying freedom from what's being offered is better. Empower yourself!

Amy from Ohio began to research and Empower herself. Because she took action, she has come much closer to reaching her health goals. She called to tell us,

"The thing that has plagued me for the last four years were the UTI and Bladder infections. To see such a decrease in all of this in just the last two weeks is a Miracle!

No one could understand. To see what is coming out of my body - well no one could understand unless they saw these chunks coming out. They weren't part of what you should see eliminated and the flecks of yeast are laying on top. I can tell that there was such a build up.

My energy has increased. I mean to use the word energy is amazing. This has not been part of my vocabulary in 25 years.

I've been on antibiotics for years. I was told to go to a Urologist to have the urethra dilated. I've had that done before and it is very painful, very painful. I've had it done three or four times and then had to go back on antibiotics. Weekly I would think, 'Oh no not another infection.'

Praise God, I feel so much better. I am grateful to God that I found your website. I feel better and better."

Whose advice have you been listening to? Do you plan to continue to listen to this person? It's time to claim your healing. Call me at 1-888-448-3486. There is no obligation to buy anything. I'm here 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (Central Standard Time) to help you discover healthy options for your consideration.

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