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Atkins and Other Diet Woes

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Every day people call and write and cry out, "I'm bloated and fat and no diet helps. I've tried going to nutritionists and not an ounce will fall off. I've tried the Atkins diet and I flunked. Can you help me?"

The answer is YES !

First:............Stop eating pork ! (Parasites are commonly found in pork.)
Second:......... Stop eating raw sushi ! (Parasites are commonly found in raw sushi.)
Third:................... Drink & brush your teeth with only CLEAN water!
Fourth:......................Call me to discuss products to clean up the mess.

Our good news report for this week is the complete letter from Ms. N. Winter. She thanked us for publishing her good news. I cried with joy when I read it and pray that it will give you a new vision of God's healing power.

Received: October 24, 2003

Dear Debra,

I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help, support, and knowledge concerning my situation. Before calling you, I was literally at my wits end!

As you know, I was given progesterone in February of 2003 and I gained thirty pounds in ten days! This was horrible; however, the doctor assured me that after I stopped taking it I would shed the weight and the problem would disappear. That is not what happened at all. I continued to gain weight, but I also started becoming extremely bloated in my abdomen, hands, fingers, face, and feet. I also became extremely constipated. I started drinking nine 32oz. cups of water to see if this would relieve this horrible feeling of being a walking balloon; however, that only made it worse for some reason. I have always drank water to keep myself healthy and my weight normal, exercised, and ate right so I was not only frustrated, but I was really worried that something was very wrong with me. This was just the beginning of a horrible journey for me.

My doctor saw me once a month and each time we tested for something else. This was not only frustrating me; however, it was also frustrating my doctor. I didn't want something to be wrong with me, but I really wanted to end this. All tests always came back normal. I would just look at my doctor and say, "but....there is something wrong with me!" I would become so upset that I can't tell you how many times I would leave the doctor's office and start crying. I honestly was never so frustrated by anything in my life. People didn't even know who I was anymore.

By June of 2003, I looked like a completely different person. I now weighed 217 pounds! Never in my life have I weighed that much (not even when I carried my twins). I have always maintained a very healthy weight and lifestyle. After speaking to family and friends, they referred me to a local nutritionist for help. I started taking vitamins, minerals, and vitamin c. I was also told to never eat any type of bread products again and to do a lemonade cleanse twice a week. Now I started my long journey of torture! I craved bread, pasta, cakes, and cookies like crazy! I have always enjoyed eating breads and such; however, these cravings were overwhelming! I did follow the advice of the nutritionist and stopped eating all of them immediately (which was like trying to stop blinking your eyes every day!). I would do anything to feel better again. I was allowed to eat any type of meat so every morning for breakfast I would have bacon and/or sausage and eggs. I also thought it was "healthy" to eat pork chops and ham, so I stocked up on it. I did eat steak and chicken also; however, I enjoyed eating more of the pork products. I also "tried" the lemonade cleanse, but it burned my throat so badly that I could not continue doing it.

At the end of July I went back to my nutritionist. I had not lost one tiny ounce of weight and I was still so bloated that anyone who looked at me would ask me if I was ok! She then did a series of blood tests (of which all came back very normal)!

I then started researching on the internet anything and everything I could get my hands on relating to my symptoms. I came across all of your information on your website and read everything you had to offer. What really amazed me is when I made the call to get information on ordering some of the products, I was told that you, personally, would call me back.

When I did speak to you, you knew exactly what I needed to take and explained each product in detail to me. You did mention that I might see worms in my bowel movements; however, I didn't really pay much attention to that because I never thought for one second it would happen to me. When I received the products, I immediately made the tea and started taking the silver water, Flora, and Candida Drops. I also made sure to eat certain foods that you recommended - and to avoid pork products! I did start to feel better, but I have to admit, I really thought that it was probably in my head and not to get excited!

One day, I just happened to glance and I saw a worm in my bowel movement! This was a very scary thing for me, but I remembered you telling me this "might" happen. I knew right then that the products were helping me! I finally knew that there was "something" causing all of my problems! I continued to take the products, noticing a decrease in my bloating; however, it just didn't seem like enough. Then, I remembered you telling me that if I didn't feel much better in three days, to increase the Flora to two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening. Once I increased the Flora, I really started to notice a change. This was not only with the bloating, but I was able to get right out of bed in the morning and stay awake all day. I was no longer constipated and I also started sleeping through the night.

I really feel like a new person! I have dropped ten pounds so far and have more energy than I have probably had in ten years! My friends and family continue to ask me what it is that I am doing because I look so much better!

I called and placed another order today with you. I was again told that you, personally, would call me back. I find it amazing that you are so concerned for each person that you will continue to speak to each person on an individual basis - even if it is just to order more products! After speaking to you, you suggested that I take the wellness drink - of which I did order and can honestly say that I am very excited to get it so I can start feeling even better!

Wedding ringsI have not been able to wear my wedding and engagement rings for almost a year. Today, I am putting them back on! I really cannot thank you enough!

Thank you so much for all of your help, information, and knowledge! I look forward to speaking to you in the very near future.

—N. Winter from Pennsylvania

If your weight gain is due to Parasites or Candida, no weight loss book or calorie counting will work. You must treat the root of the problem. Most people find that they eat more and weigh less when the body heals and the body systems start working right again. Call me at 1-888-448-3486 to get on the road back to a healthier you. There is no obligation to buy anything. I'm here 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (Central Standard Time) to help you discover healthy ways to drop the weight and swelling.

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