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"Good-bye Chronic Fatigue - Whahooo!!!"
"The UTI's are gone"
"My muscles don't hurt anymore"
"8 years of diarrhea - it's finally stopped."
"My doc never told me to test the well. In fact, he doesn't discuss anything with me."
"Now that I'm feeling great - I told my doc to get me off these *?*?* anti-depressants"
"The diarrhea has stopped. My daughter smiled today. To me, this is a sign that she's going to be alright."
"Once I cleaned up my body on your program, that edgy foggy headed, fatigue feeling went away. My son started the program and he's doing much better in school now. He sleeps. He concentrates. He thinks clearly."
"Father and Son - our prayers are answered, but not with drugs, something better!"

Drugs — Do they Reign in Your life?

Pouring pills

CNN has just reported December 2, 2004 the latest findings collected by the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics, "44% of Americans medicated".

...And the people Prayed, "God save us!"

........And the Enemy said, "The Drugs are Free with little co-pay. Keep taking them. They are Free! Medical Insurance will SAVE you !!! and give to you Free pills to make all your hurt go away. These little pills are like candy, pretty colors, so you can eat them like Candy!! Ha, Ha, Ha. Enjoy them! "

Our youth ages 18 and under are on prescription drugs at an alarming rate. The report says "nearly one-fourth -- 24.1 percent -- were taking at least one prescription medication".

When we read the list of side-effects on our prescription drugs we know they are real. How can we as a nation be proud to have nearly 1/4 of our children 18 and under on drugs that have proven side-effects. How many of these children are learning that drugs are o.k. and an ordinary "expected" part of life? How many of these side-effects will alter their future?

In October 2004 Johns Hopkins Children's Center reported that a group of drugs used for bipolar disorder and aggression could trigger insulin resistance. The Center reported that these children are at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease as they get older.

........And the Enemy Gave Thanks that nobody understood the string of events that had been planned...lots of prescription drugs, followed by sweet cravings, followed by death of intestinal flora, followed by labels for children's behavior, followed by children's lowered self esteem from the labels, followed by praise for the Drug Companies who make the children sleep in mind and body. And the Enemy said, "This is good."

In 2003 over 10 million antidepressants drugs were dispensed for patients younger than 18. Parents of these children have been filing wrongful death lawsuits claiming that they were not told there was a link between the antidepressants and an increase in suicidal thoughts and behavior.

........And the Enemy Gave Thanks for chaos in the mind which made people take the drugs that would make their symptoms worse and said, "This is good."

The December 2, 2004 CNN report stated, "prescription drug use was increasing among people of all ages, and use increases with age."

They're talking about men and women, "Nearly half of all women were taking prescription drugs -- 49 percent -- compared to 39 percent of men."

........And the Enemy said, "I give special thanks to the adults who teach the children to poison their body."

The Center for Disease Control reported that in 2003, the top death threat was not from terrorism, it is from Obesity from poor diet and lack of exercise.

........And the Enemy applauded when the vegetables rotted on the shelves and the mouths were filled with burgers, fries, cake, coffee and soda. He laughed to witness the empty parks, and running tracks, and gyms. He called out to God, "They're destroying themselves. How Fun To Watch. Terrorists could not do a better job destroying Your children."

And God said, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

Then God whispered into the hearts and minds of his children, "Wake up my most precious child. You must wake up to what you have allowed to happen."

And a sadness was felt through the hearts and mind's of God's children as they began to awaken to the the works of the enemy.

We hear you Lord.

We Said, "Thank you Lord for this precious body". I promise to eat for nourishment instead of entertainment.

We Said, "Thank you Lord that we are still alive ...and as long as we are alive, we can begin to heal from the lies of the enemy."

We Said, "Forgive us Lord for not protecting our children from the enemy. Teach us to love them and nurture them with good food and comfort so their light of health and happiness can light new paths for others."

We Said, "I will become a better example for my family and my community." I will make it my responsibility to eat healthy and learn to heal my body naturally. As I enter the mission field I will not just speak of the Lord, but I will also teach of these things which are important to the Lord.

And the enemy wept !

The Dream of Health is available to anyone who is ready to WAKE UP!. Today, you can join those of us who are drug free, healthy eaters who exercise and feel better and better every day. If you are experiencing the symptoms of Candida: Chronic fatigue, rashes, poor digestion, muscle aches, vaginal infections, bladder infections and headaches, Call me. If you are experiencing symptoms of Parasites like: Anal itching, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel, receding gums, Call me. Call me at 1-888-448-3486. There is no obligation to buy anything. I'm here 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday (Central Standard Time) to help you discover healthy options for your consideration.

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