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Chronic Fatigue: There's too much to juggle to sleep that much!

Clown balancing platesThis week we celebrate the Testimonial from Colleen in California while we explain Chronic Fatigue...

Dear Friends,

All day, every day, I receive letters and phone calls asking me what I would do for Chronic Fatigue. So many have asked this same question that I feel it is important to discuss this common challenge. First, I would remind you that Chronic Fatigue is so common because we have some common beliefs and similar habits. In general, we believe that medications are safe for the body but they are not. If you read the list of side effects, you can come to the same conclusion yourself. Habits we share include eating too much processed food and too much sugar. The combination of medications and poor diet produces the following scenario.

Your digestive system and colon were designed to process high nutrient foods. The nutrients flowing through the healthy colon would then be absorbed through the colon wall and energy should be the result. Look at children running and playing. They are so full of energy. We can have this kind of energy throughout our life if we will just keep the colon healthy.

Unfortunately, we are taught through advertising that we can eat anything and there will be no consequences. We throw unhealthy things into our wonderfully designed bodies and over time we end up with a mixture sitting on our colon wall that consists of old medications, donuts, cake, cookies, candy, carbonated drinks, white bread, pasta, fats, oils, and more slime than the body is able to get rid of without help. The result is that we've put a slimy, tough cast on our colon and it's movement is restricted. The colon simply is too weighed down to do the job it was designed for. It simply can't move debris out of the body anymore and constipation develops. The fats and toxins then sit in the colon being absorbed every day and you get every fat molecule absorbed. Instead of having a bowel movement after every meal, we start having them once a day, and then once every now and then. Every meal that wasn't seen as a bowel movement is still sitting in the colon and you may very well have absorbed every ounce of fat from it.

The combination of low (or no) nutrients and the added weight of dead fecal matter will make anyone tired. Try carrying around a 10-pound weight while fasting for an entire week. This is what you are doing today and every day that you live with constipation and the effects are cumulative. Every day you are constipated, you add a little weight to that cast on your colon and it gets a little heavier to carry around. It's easy to get fatigued just thinking about it.

Colleen in California can tell you what it feels like to start cleaning up the colon. She had all of the symptoms described in my testimonial published on the Internet. She was describing everything I had experienced 10 years ago - before I started healing. I was so excited to talk with her because I knew that the knowledge and product available to her would save her years of suffering.

One month ago she was so fatigued and foggy brained that she could barely manage her life. I asked if I could share her story and she said, "Tell them...

I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I didn't think there was any help for that and I felt achy and run down. I just felt so full inside. This may sound strange but when I looked out from my eyes it just felt like a fog and fuzzy. I couldn't get clear.

Today, that's all different. The bowel problems are gone. The achy feeling is gone. I feel cleaner inside. In the past I wasn't getting the nutrients from my food and I felt so sluggish and fatigued all of the time but that has changed and my weight is more where I want it.

Tell them your products and the right diet is the best combination. Thank you. I am so grateful to have found your company. Thank you for listening to me when I was so fatigued and frustrated. Thank you for understanding and helping me through it."

Well, There's her story. Life is too busy already. If you are trying to juggle family, work, friends and obligations there is just no time for Chronic Fatigue. Join us in the balancing act and we'll teach you how to get more life out of your day. Call me toll-free at 1-888-448-3486 Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(Central Standard Time) to discuss healthy options that get results. There is no charge for my time and you are not obligated to buy anything.

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