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Free Symptom Assessment

Can you pass the Test? Invest approximately three minutes now to complete the free symptom assessment. You will receive the results from Debra Simon by e-mail. It's quick. It's easy. It's confidential. Simply click on the buttons to determine the causes of your current health challenges. There is no cost for the assessment and no obligation to buy anything. This is a service paid for by our sponsors.
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Read about Candida!

What is Candida?

Through discussions with groups and individuals, we found that people have lots of questions about Candida. There are a few books on the subject that could take you days or weeks to work through. Our clients requested a one page summary to give a snapshot of what we've learned while helping people overcome this most under-diagnosed health challenge of our time. We encourage you to read about Candida and then take the opportunity to fill out the free assessment.

Read Debra's story!

Read Debra's testimony and story of recovery

Debra Simon spent more than 30 years of her life challenged with the symptoms of Candida and parasites. She is working on her book and tape series and shares her story with groups. Read her story and be encouraged that you can overcome your current health obstacles.

Read the success stories!

Real people tell their story of recovery

We are proud of our customers and the progress they are making in their health. We can't publish all of the good news we hear because we're busy working with people, so we provide a sampling for you to read some of the progress reports our customers have offered to share.