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July 2003,

Romans 5:3 tells us to rejoice in our suffering because suffering leads to perseverance, perseverance leads to a building of character and character leads to hope. Like you, I have suffered much and now I have hope to share the Dream of Health with you.

It has taken me more than forty-one years to get this letter to you. First I had to endure the physical challenges. Then, I had to learn a better way. After years of watching my body "come back to life" people have said, "Tell me your story. Share what you know with my mother, my cousin, my uncle, my brother. I'm afraid because nothing has helped." So, I started sharing my story, first by creating the tape album Perseverance, Character & Hope. Then I started telling people about some great products that I've found.

So if you think this letter has value, feel free to pass it on.

When I was born, the doctors told my parents, "You have a healthy baby. Congratulations." Within months I was in the hospital with what the doctors called severe allergies. I was put on heavy doses of medication which they said saved my life and kept my throat from closing off the air completely.

In the following years, I was guarded as a weak child and was forced to endure weekly allergy shots which the doctors claimed were keeping me out of the hospital. I wanted to run away but they said the medications were not optional. I believed them. I was so young and adults know everything.

Growing up, children teased me because I was so introverted. My toes looked funny and they would tease me about the swelling in my feet and the thickness of my toenails. I slept a lot and so many friendships ended because people thought I was weird to sleep so much. Depression was common. Chronic Fatigue didn't have a name. I wanted to be like other healthy, happy people but I always seemed different.

In college I dated a medical student. We fell in love. At twenty-three I was married. My husband specialized in internal medicine. I began working at a nearby medical college in the office of development to help young men and women meet their financial obligations involved with their training. The medical community surrounded me. They were my friends, my family, and my co-workers.

Then the symptoms of colon trouble started. I hid it from my husband for more than a year until the symptoms alarmed me so much I cried out for help. I was put in the hospital for testing. I drank the barium they gave me. I endured the "flexsig" testing. They explained that I had colon problems. I knew that much already. They told me that there was "No known cause and no known cure for my illness." That's all they knew. That's all they gave to me: a diagnosis. Then they loaded me up with medications and said this was the best I could expect.

I cried at night with medications in one hand and brochures predicting my future downfall in the other.

My doctors didn't know that there was another way. My friends, family and co-workers didn't know that there was another way. They didn't know that my body could and would heal naturally in the years that followed. During that dark time in my life, I didn't know it either but I'm a fighter and eventually I got mad and refused to believe them, any of them. I had a vision of health in my mind and decided not to give up hope.

Today, my body has recovered in ways that my doctors told me was not possible. Today, I share the things that worked and the things that wasted years of my time. Today it's a formula that works for those willing to participate in the healing process. It's like giving you a recipe. Some ingredients support the body and the symptoms fall away. My company makes the best products available for Candida, Parasites, and Fatigue, the root of all my health problems since the womb. I will share the best of what I know to be true and sixty days later you will have your own story to share with others who now suffer and need this knowledge.

There is no Candida/Parasite Specialty in the medical schools. They didn't know how to help me. I can save you years of trial and error by listening to your story and sharing mine. I have made it miles down the road of health and I hold a lantern to light the path for you. Call me. Follow me. . There is no cost for my time: this is my gift to you. There is no obligation to buy any products. Let God lead you. Pray about what I tell you and then ask God if this is something you should try. I just show up 9-5 Monday - Friday and watch my dream become a reality. Your healing is part of the dream.


Debra L. Simon

P.S. Once you remove the cause, the body heals. Take a razor blade out of the finger and what happens? The wound heals, right? Right!

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