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Debra Simon was married to a medical doctor and worked for a major medical university. They provided the diagnosis and then told her that her symptoms were “normal” and that the medications would help her to manage her symptoms. This was not acceptable. She found another way and began in 2003 to help people find real solutions to their health challenges. Her clients are found in more than 12 states, some are second generation – see

Today, Debra focuses her time and talents to help people through her downtown Littleton, Colorado office offering Energy Medicine treatments to provide real solutions for physical and emotional breakthrough!

Debra Simon offers more than 16 years of experience in Energy Medicine. She says, “Energy Medicine is a term people use for calming the distortions in the body and around the body. I find that the distortions may be created by thoughts, traumas, sadness, accidents, mobile devices and a number of other things.

I can feel the distortions. They return to a normal range while I hold them and clients experience more comfort in their body. There is too much unrequired suffering in the world so now I offer 8 Steps to the HEALING EXPERIENCE.”

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8 Simple Steps to the HEALING EXPERIENCE!

Step #1: Click on the button to the left to read: ABOUT DEBRA SIMON. Knowing the healer is an important step in considering a HEALING EXPERIENCE.

Step #2: Print and read the EASY PRINT FLYER. This one sheet provides a few words from past clients. It offers the office location and session pricing. You’ll notice that sessions may vary in length depending on your goal. In STEP 4 Below you’ll discuss common session lengths for your situation. But just go to Step 3 for now…

Step #3: Everyone LOVES good news! Click on the button to the left to read a few of the Testimonies.

Step #4 What would YOU like to release? Take the Energy Medicine Assessment to determine the areas of your life that may improve with one or more sessions. At this point you may be ready to add to the list. In what physical or emotional challenge would you like to see Breakthrough?

Look at your Assessment and Send an email to to find out what appointment times are available and to mention the area you would like to explore. You may also request a Complimentary Consultation to determine if a session might be right for you. Please include your name, address, email, phone and preferred times to be reached.

Step #5: Click on the button to the left to print your 1st Appointment FORMS including the Consent Form, Disclosure Form, and Medication list to bring to your first appointment.

Step #6: Click on: Accredited - To learn more about Energy Medicine and Healing Touch

Step #7: Be patient with yourself.You’re ready to begin! You’re in good hands. We will begin with prayer. Your faith is respected and all are welcome without judgment. You’ll be guided through the experience which can be very relaxing, energizing, enlightening and powerful. I’ll guide you through the experience. Often the first session is just about relaxing and feeling some gentle shifts. The second session often includes some releasing of emotional and/or physical symptoms. The third session is often BREAKTHROUGH! The fourth session is a coming together and refining. Each person will have a unique experience because our life path is so unique and our individual goals are unique as well.

Step #8: Enjoy the Results!Yes, it's that simple! Within a short time you'll be experiencing a life that is much more of what you want it to be. We want you to experience more joy in your life and releasing what is no longer needed is a step in the right direction.

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