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The following few testimonies are offered to provide an understanding of the kinds of improvements clients are reporting. The healing that comes through of course cannot be guaranteed. There are people who come into the office with one desired goal and they receive some additional benefit. Each session does seem to build on what was accomplished in a previous session. Four sessions, two weeks apart, is suggested for best results.

“Debra is an amazing teacher and healer. Immediately she made me feel relaxed, receptive and above all safe. She has a calm, soothing and trusting voice which makes it easy to be open and receptive to healing. Prior to my session it was very difficult to walk with the pain I was experiencing. After a 90 minute session my pain was reduced and the following day I felt more improvement. Within 3 days the pain was so much less I hardly even noticed it. It was like a miracle. After so many doctor visits and pain medications I was happy to learn about the value of Energy Medicine!”
     - LM, Age 57, Female, Denver, CO

“I was referred by a friend and my therapist approved. The experience was powerful. I feel grounded and more ready to move forward with my life. The fear, anxiety and sadness are now moving on.”
     - PS, Age 51, Male, Parker, CO

“I found the sessions to be very helpful with the depression in relation to my family members. It helped me to be able to reach out to my children and begin to repair some emotional damage. I’ve noticed improvement in my abdominal and back pain.”
     - Karen, Age 52, Female, Aurora, CO

“I had a very powerful healing session with Debra Simon. I had met her once before and during that session, two very powerful memories of my past were revealed. (details deleted for confidentiality) The most amazing thing about this is that while I have the memory of [the event], I have no emotional charge from it!
     - C - Age 45, Female, Lakewood, CO

“I was experiencing pain in my wrist. Then it travelled up my arm. The doctors gave me pain medications that upset my stomach. I did not want to have the recommended surgery. The treatment helped. I don’t need a brace or pain medication.”
     - Age 56, Female, Denver, CO

“I did something to my back while doing rehab exercises. I was at the hospital 3 days in a row going home each night to pain and sleepless nights. I was considering having the lower vertebrae fused. My back was HOT and I had not slept in several days. The treatment with Debra Simon was very comfortable. The heat left and has not come back. The evening of my first treatment I slept 9 hours straight.”
     - Age 71, Male, Aurora, CO

“Sleeping better. Less medication for pain. A sense of peace is overtaking the pain, fear, [and] anxiety.”
     - Scott Age 45, Male, Arvada, CO

“Relief – I cried over the death of my dog. Tears helped me to recognize grief about my loss of my dog and grief over current relationship with my husband. The pain and swelling in my right leg was reduced when measured the day after my session.”
     - MMS, Age 67, Female, Morrison, CO

“My left knee was tight and throbbing before my session today. [It has been several years since surgery was don’t on that knee.] It feels much better and has less pain and discomfort.”
     - JW, Age 50, Male, Larkspur, CO

“I scheduled a session because of pain in my body. During the session I finally grieved the death of my mother. As her health declined, I had to remain strong for my family. Now, my husband says he’s noticed that I’m able to sit and relax. Before, I just worked all the time and could never allow my mind to be still.”
     - Anonymous, Age 37, female, Centennial, CO.