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3 Easy Steps to get relief from: Hiatal Hernia

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So many of my clients call with questions about how to get some relief quickly from Hiatal Hernia. I've repeated the following information so many times that I've been asked to make it available on the site so you can easily share this with your friends and family. Keep in mind, that parasites can also be a huge factor when digestion isn't quite right. Fill out the free health assessment to get a clearer picture of your health status and, of course, always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

Debra Simon

1) Easy Exercise when you wake up... (before eating)

2) Digest food BEFORE going to bed!

Eat at least one hour before going to sleep. Two hours is best. Eating your large meal in the middle of the day is a better option than having a big meal at night. This gives the food time to digest before retiring. Keep in mind, gravity will play a large part when you go to sleep. Make sure your food is already digested before you put your body back into a horizontal position.

3) Banana Juice !

The following quotes may be found on page 28 of Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices by John Heinerman

This book is 319 pages rich with knowledge and experience from the author, John Heinerman, who is a medical anthropologist. His bio reads like a Who's Who. He's traveled to thirty-three countries and worked with folk healers, medical doctors, and scientists. You can purchase this book by clicking on the link at the right.

"Heartburn and Hiatal Hernia. The story of heartburn must focus on the lower end of the esophagus (foodpipe) just above the point where it leaves the chest by passing through the diaphragm to join the stomach. Normally the opening (called hiatus) through the diaphragm is tight enough to prevent the stomach from slipping up into the chest cavity. When that hiatus is too wide, a portion of the stomach may ride up into the chest; the anatomical result is described as a 'hiatal hernia'."

Later he writes about the benefits of the banana juice in this situation:

"First, of all, it neutralizes the hydrochloric acid reflux felt in the back of the throat as a very unpleasant burning sensation. Secondly, it helps to 'push' that portion of the stomach which has entered the chest cavity, back to its proper place. It neatly does this by creating a slippery condition to help the stomach slide back. So far as preventing heartburn goes, some minerals in banana, especially potassium, strengthen the LES by promoting more even and frequent muscle contractions."

In this book you'll find the therapeutic benefits of more vegetables than you've probably eaten in the last year. You'll also read about the nutritional data which will appeal to those who are now letting go of sugary foods and reaching more for options that provide nutrition for the body.

Keep in mind that the body can absorb the nutrients from juiced fresh vegetables in small quantities. You are better served to enjoy 4 oz of carrot juice three times a day than if you have a large glass of carrot juice at one sitting. Note: Carrot Juice has been reported to be excellent for those who have been diagnosed as a Diabetic.

Keep learning, keep growing and keep juicing for a healthier body!

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