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Debra Simon
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Dear Friends,

Healing can be challenging. Often we can feel isolated and depressed because nobody understands the symptoms that we face every day before we heal. Everyone at this site is facing and overcoming a health issue. You are not alone. If you've just joined us, jump in and get started.

These newsletters are designed to give you a vision of your healthy body. Only the enemy can take this vision from you and it's time to claim it again. Read through some of our newsletters. The links to them are listed below. Read about simple concepts that will help you and those you love to heal.

The body is magnificently made. If you cut your finger with a razor blade it bleeds and displays symptoms. Remove the razor, (the cause) and the body heals! Right? Yes, Right. Healing is all about REMOVING the causes that create the symptoms. You've already begun to heal...

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