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People are describing the symptoms of parasites in record numbers. They call me for a number of reasons. They call often after the doctors send them home with a prescription that doesn't produce the desired results. Or, they call after the doctor says their symptoms are signs of old age and there is nothing to worry about. Or, they call because they started reading about the symptoms of parasites and they are curious if their symptoms really are related.

Some memorable phone conversations started with one of the following statements:

"I am fatigued and have loose stools. Are the two related?"

"I have an anal itch and stomach bloating and cramping. The doctors say I'm fine but I don't feel fine. There is definitely something wrong. Can you help me? I'm about to go crazy with these symptoms and everyone says I'm fine. I know when I'm fine and I am NOT fine."

"My daughter is vomiting. I took her to the hospital and she's home now but this isn't the first time this has happened. The prescriptions just seem to be a temporary fix and the doctors don't know what else to do. My daughter never smiles anymore. Can you help us?"

The relief from parasites can be experienced quickly:

"Hi Debra, just wanted to let u know the progress my daughter is experiencing on your regimen. She actually was smiling today and looks much better. Her tummy is not bothering her. She started 4 days ago with the products. The well has been cleaned and we no longer will be drinking our well water."

Some other conversations started with the following concerns:

"I'm a farmer and I have diarrhea so bad I can hardly stay on my tractor. I've talked with my other farming friends and they are experiencing the same thing. I've tried lots of medications and over the counter alternatives that do nothing. This is severely affecting my attitude."

"Ever since we got married, I haven't felt right. I have this anal itch and loose stools. I have this body odor too that will not go away no matter how many showers I take."

"My elbow hurts. It started when we were moving into this new house. My doctor just calls it tennis elbow but I don't play tennis. He laughs and asks about the kids. I pay my bill, go home, and continue to deal with the pain."

centipedeParasites include ringworm, roundworms, tapeworms, microbial growth and their eggs. We don't see the parasites when we become infected with them. For example, a person who eats pork can prepare a meal in their home and carry the parasite eggs under their finger nails. Then, they come to work and prepare your next meal without wearing gloves. You consume the food completely unaware of what is happening. Weeks or months later you start getting diarrhea and the two events are spread so far apart you would never consider the two events being related.

Another example might be a case of a child who is constantly bending over and putting things in his mouth. Months later, there are respiratory problems that can't be relieved and/or diarrhea. Sometimes these children are even given inhalers to help them breathe. The real cause of the problems are parasites that were living in the sand under the swing set. When the kids jump into the sand, the parasite eggs take flight and are ingested. Many playgrounds are now using substances other than sand under the swing sets to force stray cats to find another litter box. Yes, our pets are a tremendous source of parasites.

any handshakeOur city water is also a source of parasites. Most of us have heard of entire city water supplies being infected with Giardia. Soon after, people report diarrhea, cramping and vomiting. What the news doesn't report is the need for a parasite cleanse once the infection takes place. We think time will heal this situation but the truth is that these visitors begin to multiply and consume the nutrients of the body. Fatigue sets in because the person is hosting a banquet for the parasites to eat. These little pests eat and play in our organs until we invite them to leave.

Sometimes the smallest of God's creatures can keep us from experiencing the dream of health. It's time to show them the exit and stop hosting the party.

Join those of us who are feeling better and better every day. Call me at 1-888-448-3486. There is no obligation to buy anything. I'm here to help you 9-6 Mon-Fri (Central Standard Time).

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