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Treasure Tea

"Life just got better!"

How fortunate we are to be blessed with the nutrients all the way from the Amazon Rainforest! We use this blend of special nutrients all through the day to quench our thirst and feel great knowing that it's also excellent for helping the body to heal. When we think of how many people it takes to bring this drink to our home, we realize how truly blessed we are!

The ingredients are known for releasing stones, improving the digestive system, anti-viral properties, improving pulmonary health, soothing aching muscles, providing adrenal support and overall is excellent for the intestinal flora which is so important in ridding the body of Candida.

Ingredients: Jatoba Bark, Una de Gato Inner Bark, Tahari Inner Bark, Chanca Piedra Whole, Stevia Leaf, Jatoba 4:1 Bark, Una de Gato 4:1 Inner Bark, Chuchuhuasi Bark.

The Treasure Tea contains: Jatoba, an Amazon plant known to support digestive and pulmonary health. Jatoba is especially known for its overall strengthening properties. It has been used to make drinks in the Amazon to support the long hours of hard work in the jungle.

The Treasure Tea contains: Chuchuhuasi has a long history of use for aching muscles and joints, and for back pain. The leaves are also used by the indigenous people for adrenal support, and to balance and regulate menstrual periods.

The Treasure Tea contains: Chanca Piedra which literally means "stone breaker" and is known for easing the release of stones. It has been used also for various conditions of the lung and airways and much literature suggests that it has anti-viral properties.

The Treasure Tea contains: Una de Gato is recognized as one of the most important botanicals in the rainforest for its antioxidant properties and for its wide range of health benefits. It is also known to help maintain blood pressure in a healthy range and stimulate the immune system. Una de Gato is one of the most widely recognized plants of the rainforest.

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